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My name is Manaday Mavani.

I am a software engineer by profession and a passionate tech enthusiast at heart. I love electronic gadgets, photography, and DIY tools, and that fuels my curiosity for the latest and greatest in the technology world. While I can’t own every cool gadget out there, I thoroughly enjoy exploring and delving into the features and benefits they offer.

As the sole owner and operator of this website, I have created this platform with the purpose of curating the finest electronic gadgets, cameras, and DIY tools available in the market.

In my social circle, I am known as a reliable tech enthusiast who loves assisting family and friends in finding the right tech, be it a camera, a computer, or a car. The trust bestowed upon me by my friends and loved ones has encouraged me to research and curate great products, which I regularly compile in Amazon Wish Lists. Through this process, I realized that I could extend my assistance to a broader audience. With MandyCurates.com, I now have a public space where I can openly curate and share my recommendations, helping more people make informed choices in the world of technology.

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Me at Madhavpur Beach, India!

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